What You Missed:

In the wake of new FDA guidance, exciting liquid biopsy (LBx) partnership announcements between Merck and Foundation Medicine, and Caris and ConcertAI, the liquid biopsy industry is experiencing a paradigm shift to accelerate patient access to early and affordable detection and surveillance tests.

Across 2 days, 22 world class industry stakeholders addressed the most important challenges in sensitivity, standardization, reimbursements, clinical utility and collaborations. Attendees left the conference with actionable insights to:

  • Unlock the promise of ctDNA as a surrogate biomarker to improve surveillance for a paradigm shift towards achieving personalized treatment options
  • Implement innovative & next generation assays, such as microfluids, methylation and fragementomics, to boost sensitivity for more accurate early detection
  • Uncover the potential of standardizing liquid biopsy frameworks in early detection & surveillance to turbocharge it as an emerging standard of care for patients
  • Grasp the importance of collaborative efforts between various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, researchers, biopharma & regulators to accelerate test reimbursements for improved patient access
  • Bridge the gap between analytical claims and clinical observations to divulge the clinical utility of ctDNA based MRD assessments for clinical implementation

What's Was New to the 2023 Conference?


80+ Attendees


22 Biopharma Speakers


8+ Hours of In-Person Networking


1 Scientific Poster Session

2023 Key Talks:

The Rise of Liquid Biopsy Assays & the Promise of Early Screening for Improved Patient Outcomes

Gary Kelloff, Special Advisor, DCTD, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Aligning Around Lexicon for Patients for Improvement of Community Benefits & Acceleration of Clinical Implementation

Lauren Leiman, Executive Director, BLOODPAC

Empowering Precision Ophthalmology: The Role of LBx

Liya Xu, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Driving Widespread Adoption of Reproducible, Innovative & Clinically Validated LBx Tests to Improve Patient Access through Increased Reimbursements

Cecilia Schott, Vice President, Head of Global Precision Diagnostics, Novartis

Background Variability of ctDNA Levels in Plasma of Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer in the Absence of Treatment

Aleksandra Markovets, Director, Oncology Bioinformatics, AstraZeneca

ctDNA in Metastatic Settings to Assess Progression & Molecular Responses for the Identification of High-Risk Patients

Raluca Budiu-Predoui, Director, Precision Medicine, AbbVie