Hear What Leaders in the LBx Community Have to Say About the Liquid Biopsy Surveillance & Early Detection Community

“Meeting new members of the liquid biopsy community. Spreading the word about the standards and frameworks we put out into the community”

Lauren Leiman, Executive Director, BLOODPAC

Laure Leiman

“Sharing important results of our studies with key research and diagnostic players and learning from them other key aspects of ctDNA relevant to drug development and patient management”

Aleksandra Markovets, Director & Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

“Learning from the experience of other developers of LBx and networking with potential collaborators”

Ching Lau, Chief of Hematology-Oncology, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Ching Lau

“This summit will be a valuable venue for sharing practices and results of using ctDNA in monitoring diseases and guiding clinical trial decision-making and further promoting ctDNA as a clinical trial endpoint”

Feng Liu, Director, Translational Oncology, Pfizer