Empowering Precision Ophthalmology: The Role of LBx

Time: 4:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Demonstrating LBx Applications in Retinoblastoma and Uveal Melanoma: Showcasing specific examples of how LBx is utilized in the diagnosis and management of retinoblastoma and uveal melanoma, highlighting its effectiveness in detecting genetic alterations and guiding personalized treatment decisions
  • Future Potential: LBx for Intraocular Disease Diagnosis and Prognosis, Companion Diagnostics (CDx): Discussing the promising role of LBx in the future of ophthalmology, particularly in diagnosing and prognosticating intraocular diseases. Emphasizing the potential for LBx to serve as companion diagnostics, aiding in treatment selection and monitoring therapeutic responses
  • Collaboration for Advancing Next-Generation Ophthalmology: Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts between various stakeholders in ophthalmology, including healthcare professionals, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. Focusing on the facilitation of new drug development and personalized medicine approaches for treating intraocular diseases through the utilization of LBx technologies